"My house shall be called a house of prayer”  Matthew 21:13

At Powerhouse we deeply value God’s gift of prayer to us as His people. It is through prayer that we praise and worship God for who He is. It’s also through prayer that we make our heart’s desires and requests known to Him. Prayer is the glue that keeps our community of faith together and for this reason it’s our desire to be a House of Prayer. A House of Prayer is one where prayer permeates every ministry of the church, everyone is prayed for when needed, and prayer is a significant part of each ministry.

Prayer Opportunities at Powerhouse Christian Church

Online Prayer Requests
Submit a prayer request online and it will be sent to our staff and prayer team.  

Sideline Prayer
Our prayer team is available after each service to pray with you.
This is a brief time of prayer to release God’s love and power into your life.

A Little More Prayer
A few members of the Prayer Team pray with you during one of the Sunday services for a more concentrated time of prayer.

Freed Indeed 
A private prayer session to help you gain freedom from past hurts and receive emotional and spiritual healing.

Upper Room 
Several members of the Prayer Team pray during the service for the Holy Spirit to bring counsel, transformation and comfort to the congregation.

Church-wide Prayer Services
Check our events calendar for the next prayer service.

If you have any questions about prayer or would like to learn more about the Prayer Ministry Team, please contact us.