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I'm New Here

Welcome to Powerhouse Christian Church. If this is your first time visiting our website then this page should help you know where we’re located, what times we meet and what you can expect when you visit us. Thanks for stopping in and please enjoy our site.


When you approach Powerhouse Christian Church the first experience you'll have is that you can't find us because we don't look like a church. That's right, we're a converted warehouse. Yes, even warehouses can be converted. So, just look for the blue awnings and a crowd (if it's Sunday morning) of people entering the glass doors.

Once inside, your eyes will at once catch hold of the café at the opposite end of Main Street (that's what we call our large entry area), but your attention will quickly be drawn to the 23' rock climbing wall on your right. You might then wonder, "What kind of a church is this?" and you wouldn't be the first. That's easy though - we're a church that wants to reach families through their children and our goal is to see people move from apathy to energy in their faith, so we built the church around those purposes.
As you move toward the café and past the rock wall, you will notice there are bagels, coffee and juice spread out across the café counter. These are for you! That's right, we know that the best fellowship happens around a meal - just ask anyone!

Something else you'll notice right away is that we are a "come as you are" bunch of friends. You may see a few people with sports coats or even an occasional tie, but the vast majority are casually dressed in jeans and such. In summer you'll even find a lot of us in shorts (modest ones of course).

If we're doing our job well you will be greeted when you enter the building by a friendly face or two (these people can answer any questions you may have as well). Just to the left of the café there are double doors that lead into our multipurpose room. If it's Sunday morning the purpose is for worship services. You'll be greeted here again by a couple more of our friendly people. If you smile back they might even give you a bulletin which will tell you what's happening in the service that morning as well as what's going on that week and in a few weeks from now.
Once inside you'll want to grab a seat (oh, and you can bring your coffee in with you, but try not to spill) and just take a look around or you may even want to prepare your heart to worship and hear from God by praying or perhaps reading a passage from the Bible. (If you forgot your Bible, you can grab one off the cart on the way into the multipurpose room.)

If you have young kids you may be wondering if there is something available for them. In fact there is!  If you have an infant or toddler you can drop them off in our Kids Connection before the service begins and then grab a seat with the rest of your family or friends.
Our worship leader will let everyone know when we're beginning the service. Your K-5th graders will stay with you during the music portion of the service and then someone up front will release them to Kids Connection for their own service. They'll need a parent or guardian to sign them in and pick them up after the service (we take their safety very seriously, so they won't be released to just anyone!)

The service is usually very upbeat and celebratory, but you may experience a whole range of emotions from beginning to end.  A typical service looks something like this:
  • 15-20 minutes of singing (lyrics appear up on the screen)
  • One of the pastors will pray, welcome and greet everyone.
  • Some pertinent announcements will be given and the children up through 5th grade will be released to go to their program in Kids Connection.
  • An offering will be taken
  • One of the pastors will give a relevant message using a portion of the Bible.
  • We'll sing one more song and be dismissed back to Main Street where we can eat the rest of the bagels and drink the rest of the coffee

Hopefully, in the midst of everything going on you'll meet a few kind faces and make a few new friends. After this, you'll make your way to the door, find your car and drive off to your next destination. You may be a little sad once you realize you have to wait a whole week for that experience again. But, there are lots of other things going on throughout the week, so take a good look through this site to find a few of them.

Oh, and perhaps most importantly, there is a prayer team of men and women who are available before, during, and after services to pray with you about anything and everything. We have seen God work in miraculous ways because of the prayers of our people and so we do a lot of praying around here.